Patient Testimonials

"Dr. McCracken is exceptional. He really spends time explaining the problem to you so that you can understand. I have never had a doctor that really made me feel as a family member. The staff are also very caring and treat you as a human being and not a number in their book. They are very accommodating and bent over backward to help ease my visit. The whole staff as well as Dr. McCracken get an A+. What a good experience I had as a patient."


"I first met Dr. McCracken 8+ years ago when I had a horrific back injury. I had been to several doctors and hospitals but was not able to get a correct treatment. Finally a doctor told me to go to the hospital ASAP and that is where I found Dr. McCracken, who was on call. He looked at my film and knew what the problem was right away. We went to surgery immediately. Since I had waited so long for that surgery, the recovery was slower than I had hoped, but with guidance from the doctor and his great staff, I did recover and was able to live a normal life. Fast forward to this spring, I tripped, fell, and injured my back again. This was the other side now and unrelated to my first injury. The first call, in fact the only call I made was to OSCNJ. When you find a doctor and staff like this, you don't need to look any further. My insurance had lapsed and new insurance wouldn't accept pre existing conditions. The staff at OSCNJ was phenomenal in helping me through all the headaches of the paperwork, and it showed me that they really care more about the patient than the bottom line. After trying to avoid surgery, we finally did go through with it, and it was about 36 hours ago. I am now at home and feeling a hundred times better. I am up walking around and able to take care of myself. I'm going to rehab soon and going back to work shortly after that. Many thanks to Dr. McCracken, Tiffany Carter PA, Anabela and Marie, you are all great and I truly appreciate all you have done for me."


"Unique. OSCNJ is just that. They genuinely care about what patients are going through and want to help. They are not like other doctors and staff you normally see today. You are not a number to them; you are someone suffering and they do everything they can to help you get well. Dedicated, efficient, compassionate, caring, thorough and professional. I cannot say enough good things about OSCNJ. They took me in for an emergency visit when no other osteo docs in the area would, and addressed my issues in a warm and thorough manner; making sure I understood everything going on. They know their stuff; Dr. McCracken could have diagnosed me without using my MRI, so thorough were his powers of keen observation and detailed specific questions. You do not find that level of empathy and dedication to patients in 99% of doctors practicing today. Everyone at OSCNJ goes above and beyond to nurture a bond of compassion with their patients. It's old school and that is so rare these days. I would highly recommend OSCNJ for anyone looking for exceptional care from an exceptional staff."

C. Rosa

"We both have been patients of Dr. McCracken. His treatments have included office consultations, hospital procedures for a lumber injection and surgery for spinal stenosis, and follow-up visits. We cannot praise him enough. Besides being a delight to deal with, he's everything one would want in a specialist in spinal orthopaedics - extremely competent, very caring, and conscientious. Additionally, his supporting staff is superb and very accommodating. We would highly recommend Dr. McCracken and his practice."

D. Fisher

"I can use several words to describe Dr. McCracken and his staff, Professional, compassionate, caring, but one stands out in my mind, Throwback. I remember as a child going to the Drs. with my parents; the Drs. would know you by name, they knew your history without having to pull out charts, they spent the time that was needed with you without rushing you out to get the next patient in. Dr. McCracken is a Throwback kind of Dr. that will spend as much time as you feel you need, to understand exactly what is going on, he will sit with you and explain everything in an easy to understand terminology. Would I recommend Dr. McCracken? Absolutely!!! His staff is absolutely fantastic, second to none."

L. Lugo

"Thank God for Dr. McCracken. Without him, I would not have a life.....he helped me regain a life I once had. I couldn't even walk, sleep or function until he did my surgery (turned out to be 3 surgeries) and a whole new spine.....It's been 2 yrs now and I feel like a new person. He and his staff are professional, kind and caring. I love them all...I refer as many people as I can to him because I know he can help them."

D. Knitowski

"I have the highest praise for Dr. Kevin A. McCracken for not only eliminating the pain in my back, arm and hand but also for giving me my life back."

J. Krajewski

"Testimonials - Orthopaedic & Spine Center of new jersey Dr. McCracken is professional, kind, courteous, and informative. I am forever grateful to Dr. McCracken and all the staff members who helped me through a difficult time."

M. Khoury

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