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Revision Spine Surgery

What are Spine Deformities?

A spine deformity is when there is an abnormal curvature of the spine which can cause an abnormal appearance, severe pain and/or poor quality of life.

Some of the conditions that cause spinal deformity include:

  • scoliosis or kyphosis ("hunched" spine)
  • the result of previous spine fractures/tumors
  • severe degeneration
  • or occasionally, prior spine surgery.

Deformity Surgery

Deformity Surgery is performed to straighten & balance a severely curved spine and prevent the curve from worsening.

The surgery is performed with the use of spinal hardware (rods, screws or hooks) and can be performed through the back ("posterior"), front ("anterior") or both.

Minimally Invasive Spine Revision Surgery

Occasionally the surgery can be performed through a minimally invasive surgery approach (MIS) - thus decreasing blood loss, hospital stay & postoperative pain.

Expertise and Special Training is Required for Complex Revisions

Some surgical procedures (complex spine revision surgery, severe fixed/rigid deformities, etc.) are more complicated and require special expertise & training in spinal surgery. Read about Dr. McCracken's expertise here.

There are several conditions which require complex revisions. These include:

  • Failed Back Surgery Syndrome (FBSS) - either due to misdiagnosis of the exact cause of pain, or failure to correct the problem
  • Flatback Syndrome - surgery required to correct the alignment of the spine
  • Pseudoarthrosis - occurs when a fracture does not heal properly so that it creates a false (pseudo) joint (arthrosis)
  • Hardware failure - malfunction of any surgical devices, such as implants for spinal procedures, that require surgical correction or removal.

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